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About Stealth Video

Stealth Video has been securing business safety since 1998. We have attained a reputation for being thorough and complete in our installation, service and design capabilities.

Our installation staff at Stealth Video are all trained, bonded and insured. We are up to date on the latest technology and use the most current installation techniques through our continuous training program.

Our Services Include

Comprehensive Integrated System Solutions
NVR's with Customizable Storage
Cameras with Advanced Technology
IP Management Software
Reliable, Real-Time DVR's
HD Auto Iris Cameras
Internet Access
Multi-Site Software
HD Cameras
Day/Night Cameras
Pan-Tilt Zoom Camera
Vandal-Proof cameras


Video Surveillance Helps Protect Your Business

1. Stop fraudulent claims with video evidence!
This video clip provided the ‘eye-witness’ (video) footage that was needed to prove that no whiplash truly occurred in the incident.
See what we mean, watch the clip!
Video surveillance footage is admissible in court when needed, as proof of a false claim. Watch this quick video clip to see what really happened...
2. Get Tag Capture and Facial Recognition for an Investigation
Our video surveillance caught a professional car thief in the act!
This car theft was so fast, it was GONE in less than 60 seconds! (Stolen in broad daylight!)
Video surveillance by Stealth Video helped in the investigation. 

3. Deter the crime before it ever happens.
Some thieves will come to "scope out"' your business or home before they attempt a break in. They may come in to see where the cameras are placed, and to count how many you have.
If they see multiple cameras at your business, oftentimes, they will move on and choose a business that has no cameras, to minimize the risk of an arrest. Cameras set on *motion can be your eyes, even when YOU aren't there.
Cameras can also record what you don't see, and you can download the video footage anytime you need it.


Our Technology

The video surveillance solutions from Stealth give you the best quality image. From IP to analog and hybrid systems, we've got you covered.

With over 10 years of innovation in professional video surveillance, we have established a reputation for performance, reliability and quality that's unbeatable.


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