CCTV cameras are wide and varied in features and benefits and there’s a camera for just about every need and situation in today’s world. What used to be science fiction is now reality and the gap closes more and more every day.

For instance, we know that a visible camera’s image quality is dependent on good lighting conditions, and in areas where contrast is poor or dynamic range is too wide, visible cameras can become practically useless. Thermal, however, is completely immune to changes in light, allowing it to see consistently in any lighting environment for true 24/7 day/night imaging.  

Consider the fact that thermal energy passes through many visible obscurants including smoke, dust, fog, and light foliage. In addition, the slight temperature differences that thermal imaging detects can sometimes reveal objects underneath the surface of other materials, such as joists behind a wall or items under clothing, since they affect the temperature of the surface material. There are so many practical uses for thermal cameras and lifesaving too!

Would you like to see some of this technology in action? We have a video for you: CLICK HERE to check out this thermal CCTV camera as it cuts through full fog---literally! And remember, Stealth Video has a great line of innovative CCTV camera like these thermal imaging wonders for all your commercial security needs.

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