CCTV security camera systems have become standard security equipment for businesses of any size in every industry. With so many options on the market, business owners are often torn between choosing a DIY option over a professionally installed CCTV system. Here’s a few facts to keep in mind:

First off, professional CCTV equipment can be vastly different than DIY products. Those differences can be critical when it is time to capture a crime on video and use the images in court.

Camera placement is tough. It takes an understanding of how to capture images in any given space as well as a vast knowledge of the capabilities of many different brands and types of cameras. In a commercial and business environment, it is essential to cover as much space as possible and use the correct cameras to cover critical areas. Correct placement can mean a huge difference in protecting business from” slip-n-fall scammers” out there for instance. 

Every business facility has a unique layout and orientation with different lighting issues. It is impossible to meet all the needs and requirements of a business with a general DIY system or without a high level of knowledge and specificity.

One of the main reasons businesses consider a DIY system is price, thinking that the initial cost is much lower. In some cases, this can be true—initially. Keeping in mind the difference in equipment quality, DIY systems might have a lower initial cost in equipment, but that’s where it stops. The true cost comes in the time and effort involved in installation, integration, maintenance and all too soon, replacement. Even worse, poor quality images or not having coverage in an area where a crime occurred can also end up being quite costly in court.

Big box does not mean big savings or quality. That’s where choosing a CCTV system installed by a professional commercial installation company like Stealth Video is a smart choice for your business now---and in the years to come. CCTV is our only business and our customer satisfaction is our top concern. And, our customers love Stealth’s in-house lifetime technical support (no call center!) that comes FREE with every installation.

We hope this article has been informative. Call us today at 770-591-1441 for a FREE site evaluation and quote and let’s get your business under Stealth Cover too!